Luggage Manufacturers / Suppliers

Don't let your customers' luggage end up in more than 60 International Airport Baggage Auctions or the hundreds of airline baggage auctions or disposals. Tags


Tags are attached to the base of luggage, out of sight, during the manufacturing process.


Tags are placed on the outside of luggage for Transport Providers to view.


Tags are passive and do not interfere with the design, branding or function of the luggage.


Tags blend with other branding stamps, badges and labelling without affecting the original brand or design.


Tags value-add to enhance and protect the investment made by Customers of Luggage Manufacturers / Suppliers.


Tags are passive, there are no electronics involved.


No additional scanning equipment required by the customer or transport providers.


Customers' register each piece of luggage with their contact information.

The 16 digit tag is on the outside of luggage.

Customers' luggage is not damaged or opened in the process of identification by the Transport Providers. Therefore, protecting your customers' luggage and contents. Tags reduce or eliminate the amount of luggage sent to auctions or waste disposal.

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