1. What is LuggageTracker.com?

LuggageTracker.com is a unique Luggage Registration system that helps Transport Providers and Baggage Services such as Airlines, Airports, Cruise Ship Companies, Train Services and other Transport Carriers, identify unidentified luggage in their possession and to contact the registered LuggageTracker.com Tag owner who has registered their Tag with LuggageTracker.com.

Registration of individual pieces of luggage with LuggageTracker.com will allow Transport Carriers to obtain the registered owner's contact details, supplied by the registered owner.

LuggageTracker.com will send the registered owner an email letting them know that an inquiry has been made on their misplaced/missing luggage.

2. Do I pay for the LuggageTracker.com registration?

When you register a luggage item with LuggageTracker.com you have the option to register your luggage items for 1 to 5 years for each piece. New luggage items you purchase, after your initial registration, can be added and registered separately at any time, just add the new item to your account.

3. What do I get for my Registration?

Your luggage registration information is kept in the LuggageTracker.com database for transport providers and carriers to make an inquiry when they have luggage in their possession they cannot identify because the usual identifiers are missing. Once the registration is confirmed, the Transport Provider is supplied with the registered information.

4. What or Who are Transport Providers?

Transport Providers are, but not limited to, companies such as Airlines, Airports, Cruise Ships, Train, Bus Companies and other registered carriers who carry your luggage as part of their contract with you.

5. Who is supplied with my details?

A Transport Provider who makes an inquiry must pay a fee and make a registered application. They are then provided with your registration details and a copy of the inquiry is also sent to you, free of charge as part of your registration.

6. How will the Transport Provider contact me?

A Transport Providers is sent the registered contact information you have provided, such as an email address and or mobile (cell) phone number. You are also sent a copy of their contact information, this will enable both parties to contact each other.

7. Is my information secure?

Information and details you supply, are stored on secured servers. The Registered information is only provided to those who provide the 16 digit identification number and pay the appropriate fee.

8. Is my Information shared with any third party?

Your information will never be provided to or sold in whole or part, to a third party.

9. Why is LuggageTracker.com Tag a better system?

LuggageTracker.com Luggage Identification Number is either attached during the manufacture of the luggage item or as a permanent tag. The Tag Identification enables a transport carrier to identify the luggage externally, even when all other identification tags are removed or fall off. As the LuggageTracker.com Tag is on the outside of the luggage, it is not necessary to open or damage the luggage.

LuggageTracker.com Tags can be searched by any transport provider personel on any computer or mobile device.

10. Will I be able to track my luggage?

LuggageTracker.com is not a tracking service. Tags enable Transport Providers to connect with the registered tag owner by making an application for the registered owner's information and contact details on our website.