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20 million plus bags and other luggage items were mishandled, lost or temporarily mislaid in 2016 (latest industry figures) by the airline industry alone, not including all other modes of transport.

47% of mishandled bags occurred during transfer/transit in 2016.

4.5bn bags are handled by airports alone.

The following happens to your luggage and bags, they can be:

  • Rendered Tagless – with no identification.
  • Subject to belt or infrastructure failures.
  • Misdirected.
  • Mishandled during transfer/transit.
  • Subject to errors that occur during the tagging/ticketing processes.
  • Subject to load failures.
  • Subject to loading errors.
  • Subject to Airport/customs/weather/space and weight restrictions.
  • Subject to their classification as being "irretrievably lost" after 21 days and are sent to auction or donated to charities.

As someone who is travelling you've made a substantial investment in the luggage you've purchased, you may have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

  • The contents of your luggage and personal effects are valuable to you and should not be disposed of after 21 days by your carrier if it's not identified and returned to you.
  • Compensation from your carrier may not fully cover your loss.
  • Your luggage and contents may not be fully covered or replaced by Travel Insurance

Transport Providers do not intentionally mishandle your luggage and personal effects but with millions of pieces of luggage movements each year, this unfortunately, does happen.

LuggageTracker.com aims to reunite registered customers with their misplaced, mishandled luggage and personal effects.

LuggageTracker.com gives Transport Providers the opportunity to contact their customers when they have luggage and cannot identify the owner by the usual means.

Transport Providers and other related businesses must make an application and pay a fee for your tag information. Both the Transport Provider and the registered customer will be advised at the same time by LuggageTracker.com of any inquiry made on a registered tag(s).

LuggageTracker.com protects your information, as per our Privacy Policy, available on our site.


  • Aims to return all registered luggage to the owners
  • Aims to reduce compensation and liability claims against Airlines and other transport carriers.
  • Partners with Luggage Manufacturers, Airlines, Airports and Transport Providers.
  • Luggage brands and manufacturers can use LuggageTracker.com Tags on their products as the tags do not interfere with their products.
  • Tags are attached to new luggage during the manufacturing process or you can purchase LuggageTracker.com online.